๐Ÿ”ŽSimplified Integration

To integrate Central Bank within the Network, the process is designed to be streamlined and efficient:

1. Agreement Alignment

The first step involves formalizing participation by signing multilateral agreements with current network members. This foundational step ensures alignment on standards, responsibilities, and mutual goals across the network.

2. Gold Reserve Setup

Subsequently, the authority needs to allocate an initial amount of physical gold. This gold serves as the cornerstone of trust and value for the digital tokens that will be issued, representing a tangible asset backing in the digital realm.ng necessary documentation, software packages, and both initial and ongoing technical assistance. The technology is designed to operate securely within the authority's environment, requiring minimal external connectivity except for essential communication with institutional nodes in other participating countries.

4. Verification and Launch

The final preparatory step is conducting an initial audit to verify the physical gold reserves. This audit is crucial for transparency and trust, laying the groundwork for the issuance of the first digital gold tokens.

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