The AU Blockchain

The AU Blockchain serves as a groundbreaking infrastructure within the digital economy, tailored specifically for the African continent. It adheres to principles of decentralization, security, transparency, and, crucially, sovereignty and control over data and economic transactions.

Validators and Consensus

Central to the AU Blockchain are the Issuing Authorities (IAs), each functioning as a validator within the network's framework. These validators are integral to processing transactions and maintaining the blockchain's state, thereby ensuring the network's security and contributing to the consensus mechanisms.
The consensus model is crafted to prevent dominance by any single entity, fostering equitable representation and mutual agreement among all validators. This structure not only bolsters the network's security—requiring multiple validators to confirm each transaction—but also fortifies the system against any single point of failure.

Unified Network Fees (CNQ)

Despite each IA issuing its unique digital gold currency, the AU Blockchain operates under a unified system for transaction processing. Network fees, known as gas fees, payable with the underlying network token called “CNQ,” are determined collectively by the validators' consensus and apply uniformly across the entire network. This consistency ensures fairness and transparency, preventing any individual IA from enforcing disproportionate costs on users.

Data Sovereignty

A cornerstone of the AU Blockchain is data sovereignty. All transaction data is replicated across all nodes in the network, typical of blockchain technology, but each participating country has the sovereignty to regulate who can operate its nodes, ensuring local laws and regulations are adhered to. This approach is vital for compliance with local data protection regulations and provides assurance to users about the governance of their financial data.
While the blockchain itself is transparent and every transaction is public, off-chain data, particularly sensitive information like KYC details, are stored and managed by the respective IAs, ensuring they remain confidential and are disclosed only according to the local laws of each jurisdiction.

Platform for a New Digital Economy

The AU Blockchain is envisioned as a foundational platform for a new, expansive digital economy. It's designed to transcend borders, enabling seamless transactions across participating countries. This system is not just about financial transactions; it's about establishing a comprehensive economic network that facilitates a wide range of activities including trade, investment, and other forms of economic engagement, all underpinned by the security and trust engendered by blockchain technology.
In essence, the AU Blockchain is more than a technological base; it's a digital ecosystem that respects national sovereignty, encourages regional collaboration, and empowers a transparent, secure, and interconnected digital economy.